Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come if I’ve never done yoga?

All of our classes are custumized and adapted to each participant’s level proposing variations according to your characteristics and yoga experience. We welcome total beginners as well as certified yoga teachers that look for some time for themselves.

Yoga is about learning how to fully embrace the present moment, becoming aware of yourself and accepting wherever your body and mind are at this moment. We all have different bodies and experiences and that is absolutely fine. We have a judgment free environment, where everybody is welcome to relax and discover the bliss of mind and body connection while enjoying an amazing holiday experience.

What if I have never sailed before?

You don’t need to worry at all if it is your first time on a sailing yacht. For most of your travel mates it’ll be the first time.  In fact, our retreat is probably one of the most relaxing ways to experience sailing for the first time as the Mediterranean sea’s conditions in the summer are perfect for sailing in a very calm and peaceful sea what makes it specially safe. Moreover we’ll be always sailing next to the shore and around the island.

Before we leave, there will be an extensive briefing regarding safety and the equipment on the boat. In the course of the week, you can pick up the principles of sailing. You can learn how to hoist a sail, how to put your hands on the winch or if you prefer to you can relax and just lean back and enjoy the navigation time.

Will I be safe on a sailing yacht?

Our captain Eva is an experienced certified skipper and has been sailing for more than 20 years in the Meditarreanean as well as in the Atlantic. As the captain of the yacht she has been organizing sailing trips in the Balearic Islands for two decades so she has extensive knowledge on the area and on the weather conditions. Eva will take you through a detailed briefing before we depart and will make sure that everybody is safe and comfortable to move and live on the yacht during the week of the retreat. Marta, the yoga teacher, is also a coastal skipper, so she has sailing knowledge having sailed around Menorca and to and from Barcelona in various occasions in the past few years.

How about the weather?

The summer in the Balearic Islands is the best season to sail. It is extremely safe as the forecast is mostly everyday sunshine and very calmed waters. The good thing about sailing around a small island is that we can decide what route we’ll take according to the weather forecast. So if there is a bit too much wind on one side of the island we can head to the other side to find comfortable anchorages. We’ll always adapt our programme to the weather conditions to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience. In the very unlikely case that the conditions are too rough one day we will stay in a safe marina. In that case, we’ll be happy to organise an excursion in the area for you.

Will I get sea-sick?

Basically, everybody can get seasick, even the most experienced sailors. It depends on your current physical condition, your mental state and other factors. Our experience is that only very few people get really sick in the peaceful waters around Menorca. About half of the people feel completely fine from the first day, while the other half feels a bit uneasy (tired, uncomfortable feeling in stomach) on the first day while they get used to the movements of the boat – and then feel completely fine the following days. One of the keys to preventing sea sickness is to never hit the seas with an empty stomach.

If you want to know more how to prevent sea-sickness, here are some things to consider:

  • Two weeks before you start your retreat with us, increase your daily intake of Vitamin C (in natural forms like lemon juice, oranges). Why? Histamine is a causative agent of sea sickness – your body produces histamine when you experience sensory conflict (such as the rolling motion of a boat). Vitamin C enables your body to reduce histamine and therefore helps to suppress symptoms of sea-sickness.
  • Convince yourself of not getting seasick. Scientific studies have shown that some people become seasick by suggestion. They simply convince themselves that being on a ship will make them ill. On the other hand, for those who can forget about it, it’s often smooth sailing.
  • Spend as much time on deck on the first day, breathing fresh air and using the horizon as a point to maintain your equilibrium.
  • If this all doesn’t help, there is still the last resort of preventive drugs. Buy in your close-by pharmacy (as we won’t provide them for you). Common side effects are being tired and experiencing drowsiness.
Where do we sleep? Is there a bathroom in the yacht?

During our yoga and sailing holiday we will sleep in the yacht. There are 3 comfortable cabins inside with 2 bathrooms. During the trip, we will spend two of the nights in a marina or a buoy and the rest in anchorages close to the coast.

Our yacht has two bathrooms each with a toilet and a shower. There is an additional shower at the back (stern) of the boat to rinse off the salt after swimming. We have enough water capacity on the boat to stay clean with a quick shower, but a running tap while brushing teeth is a no-go – please be mindful of your use of water when we are in anchorages. On the nights we stay in marinas or at a buoy, we will have sanitary facilities with showers and toilets close by.

What if I come on my own? Do I have to share my cabin?

Sailing Souls’ experience is a great plan if you are travelling on your own as in our experience usually around half of the other guests on board will also be travelling on their own so you will get to know new people with similar interests to yours. During our sailing adventure there is plenty of time for conversations and common activities and we are a small group so for sure you will make new friends very quickly.

If you travel solo, you will have a twin-shared cabin with another traveller. Twin-shared means that there is one bed in the cabin, with two mattresses. If there happens to be a male – female combination and you feel uneasy about sharing your cabin with the opposite gender, you can let us know and we can try to rearrange it.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

We provide all the food and beverages on board except for the the two dinners that you’ll have on land while visiting seaside towns. The menu on board is designed to detox your organism so it is delicious plant-based ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet, mostly gluten and sugar free designed and mostly prepared by our chef. This said of course if you have some special preferences in terms of food you can buy what you need on land and bring it with you.

The beverages we provide are fresh water, fruit juices, infusions, tea and coffee. If you want have some wine to share some spacial night on board you are welcomed to bring it with you.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

If you are prevented from participating in the trip and have to cancel for a major reason, an immediate written notification (email) must be given and the cancellation will be effective on the day we receive the notification. We will refund your deposit only if we are able to find a substitute for you who wishes to take your place and of course we will do our best to find a substitute for you but we can not guarantee it.