Founder of Sailing Souls. The Yoga Teacher and Group Leader.

Marta, a certified international yoga teacher  (500 E-RYT Yoga Alliance), has been always drawn to the spiritual path actively seeking to move towards a greater harmony with herself, with others and with nature.

In her twenties she developed a career as a contemporary dancer. This experience provided her a deep knowledge in anatomy and body movement. Yoga entered her life at the age of 22 as part of her professional 3 year training at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance where her daily body conditioning was based in  Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates. As a professional dancer yoga always accompanied her as a way of not only of keeping her body balanced, supple and strong but also as way to concentrate and connect with herself before performing.

From 2006 she started teaching Hatha Vinyasa Yoga and Pilates in various studios first in Scotland and later in Barcelona and Menorca where she has collaborated with different luxury villas and rural exclusive accommodations. In 2011 she started her relationship with Menorca and with sailing. She fell in love with the calmed embracing energy of the island. She got to know Menorca from the sea sailing around it in various occasions and learning how to sail certifying as a Coastal Skipper.

In 2013 her studies in traditional Hatha Yoga at  Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in India changed her perspective realizing how powerful yoga science is for personal development and as a spiritual path. Her stay at the ashram broadened and enriched her physical practice with a new and more profound aspect introducing her to other ancient yogic techniques including pranayama and meditation.

During her 14 years of teaching experience Marta has kept studying different yoga techniques such as Yin yoga, Jivamukti and Kundalini Yoga and deepening in her meditation path. She currently lives part of the year in the Catalan Pre-pirenees and part of the year in Menorca with her husband and daughter running yoga and dance classes and working with several dance and theatre companies.


The Captain

Andreu, the captain of our yoga and sailing holidays, is a certified professional skipper Captain of Yacht and Captain of Port. He has a long career as a captain and sailor. He has sailed extensively both in the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean making sailboat transfers, participating in classic boat regattas and leading private groups being responsible for the group, the navigation and the maintenance of the yacht.

He has lived part of the year in Menorca since he was a child, which is why he has sailed the most, although in recent years he has also traveled a lot working as a captain in the Caribbean, several months in the West Indies preparing a boat for his crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and sailing in the Mediterranean in Malta, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, France, Italy and the Balearic Islands.

From a very young age Andreu was attracted to restoration and artisan carpentry in classic ships. Over the years, through his work he has been able to combine navigation and restoration, and now the owner of his own ship that is being restored by hand. Andreu enjoys working with groups and sharing the passion for the sea, for sailing and for Menorca. Each group is a new world of unique moments and shared experiences.



The Yachts

Menorca Cruising is the charter company that provides the yachts for the Sailing Souls Yoga & Sailing Holidays, choosing the right yacht for every group and ensuring the comfort of the experience.

John Davies and Elizabeth Parr have been the owners  and managers of Menorca Cruising School since 2007. This was the first RYA sailing school to be established in the Mediterranean 25 years ago.

John and Liz have grown the business from a sailing school and small charter business into a successful charter and yacht management business with a full range of sailing yachts and ribs and an RYA /ICC powerboat training centre.

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Diet and Nutrition Advisor

Elena won’t be onboard but she has advised on the design of a healthy ovo-lacto- vegetarian Mediterranean based menus that we will prepare as a crew.

Elena is a self-taught chef and a lover of vegetarian cuisine, yoga and nature. Her mission in life is to spread a healthy diet, that fills with energy, vitality and balance, besides being very tasty!

A few years ago she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism; a disorder that led her to start taking medication daily. She decided to research on how to heal this disorder through changing her diet. At the same time she started to study yoga and its philosophy. This experience led her to a total change in lifestyle and habits. Her illness was healing without medication,  so she started to study more and more about nutrition, cooking and a plant-based diet.

On her many trips to Asia Elena has been learning Ayurvedic cooking and Thai and Balinese culinary techniques. Techniques that she has merged with her knowledge in macrobiotic and the bases of the Mediterranean diet, creating a unique and original style where love is the main ingredient.



Sailing Souls is born from our desire to share what we love and from our will to empower a way of living fully, heartfully, consciously and in harmony with our environment.  We are nature. Every tree, every amazing sunset, every beautiful sea landscape, are a reflection of ourselves. We truly believe that savouring and celebrating the natural beauty around us is directly linked to our health and wellbeing. We want to offer you an inspiring experience so that you can enjoy a week of joy, insight and connection and go back to your daily life balanced and charged.

We have experienced that meditation, and the bliss it brings, is just like sailing. Sailing is itself a form of meditation, as you allow yourself to become immersed in nature and a serene feeling takes over you.

Yoga heightens all of the senses, allowing you to more fully enjoy everything and to feel gratitude for the amazing life that unfolds in front of you.

We choose Menorca because is the most untouched of the Balearic Islands. The laid back atmosphere of an island that has been kept authentic  and wild respecting it’s natural beauty is the perfect setting to recharge.